Squirrel birdbath - 17228
Blue birds birdbath - 17229Cardinal birdbath - 16412Double birdbath - 16415Fiary birdbath - 17227Frog Birdbath - 16416Gnome Birdbath - 17230Mushroom frog birdbath - 10993Squirrel birdbath - 17228Trio Birdbath - WATBMiniature Fairy birdbath

Fairy Birdbaths

Product Description

We stock the cutest range of tiny fairy birdbaths for your miniature  fairy garden. 

If you are wanting to view the full range, come in-store to our garden centre in Pinetown, Durban or drop us an email, and we will let you know what stock we have available. 


Visit miniaturefairies.co.za to 

download our full catalog.