welcome-fairy-walkway-wwfwdoor-mats-3-wdmtree-stump-stepping-stones-4-wtsssweathered-walkway-wweawBirch Fence - BBFCampfire with spit - 16816Classic bowl - 16695Classic urn - 16694Corner Fence - BCFDaisy Stepping Stones (4) - WMDSSFairy Gate - BFGFairy Metal Arbor - BFAMFairy Wall - BFAGarden swirl path - 17383Half barrel planter - 16854Lamp post -16446Mossy Patio Pad - WMPPMossy Stone Wall - BMSWOld Time Wheelbarrow - AOTWOval pots (2) - 16499Picket Fence - BTPFRetention Wall - MRWRustic Water Can - ARWCSlate Flower path - 16852Slate-moss pathway - 16484Square pots (2) - 16489Stone Fire Pit - WSFPPStone Walkway - WSWStoneybend Wishing Well - ASBWWTerra cotte pots (3) - 16419SONY DSCWinding Walkway - WWWWoodland fence - 16815Woodland patio - 16513Woodland Tableset - 16512Woodland twig arch - 16853barrel-mini-planter-16569glowing-acorn-lights-5-17417plant-stand-16396stepping-stone-6-16413

Fairy Garden Accessories

Product Description

Bring your fairy gardens to life with these adorable miniature fairy garden accessories such as miniature watering cans, and fences. 


We stock a large range of fairy garden accessories so be sure to come into our garden centre in Pinetown, Durban, to see the full miniature fairy garden range. 

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