Micro mushroom house -17341
Micro acorn gateway - 17429Micro bakery - 17349Micro castle tower - 17419Micro cone top house - 17391Micro cottage house - 17392buy miniature Fairy gardenMicro dock bridge - 17423Micro grandma's cottage - 17357Micro log house - 17342Micro mushroom house -17341Micro red roof farmhouse - 17354Micro rock stair - 17402Micro stone path - 17430Micro tea party set (3) - 17201Micro whicker chair - 17302Micro whicker setee - 17301Micro wishing well - 17404Micro wooden bridge - 17427Micro woodland bench and chair (2) -16575Rosie - 17416Tiny fairy Mari - 17413Tiny Fairy Petal - 17414itty-bitty-daisy-chair-ibdcitty-bitty-belle-ibbelitty-bitty-betty-ibbetitty-bitty-butterfly-house-ibbhmicro-adirondack-set-3-16900micro-campanula-house-17465micro-frog-pond-17435micro-mushroom-out-house-16455micro-pink-tulip-house-17466micro-pond-17399micro-straight-garden-bench-16828micro-suspension-bridge-17428micro-yellow-tulip-house-17462

Micro Fairy Collection

Product Description

We stock a range of enchanting miniature Fairy Garden products to add to your fairy gardens. 


Come into our store in Pinetown, Durban to view the full range, and pick something for your miniature fairy garden. 


Visit miniaturefairies.co.za to

download our full catalog.