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Explore our enchanting world of miniature fairy garden accessories at our Pinetown, Durban store, featuring fairies, toadstools, fairy houses, bridges, miniature animals, and much more. Can’t make it in person? Visit our online catalog to request a quote and bring a touch of magic to your garden today.

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We’re here for your gardening needs! Visit our Home Centre and consult with our knowledgeable and friendly sales staff. At our store in Pinetown, KZN, you’ll find all the resources and expertise required to make your garden and home truly spectacular.

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Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, our gift vouchers are the perfect way to show you care. Let your loved ones pick their favourite items from our wide selection of products. Spread joy and happiness today with our delightful gift vouchers! 🛍️ #GiftVouchers #SpecialOccasions #ShareTheJoy

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Unearth the Secrets of Thriving Gardens. Delve into our plant info pages to unlock the key to flourishing greenery, where you’ll find plant details, care tips, and endless inspiration for your botanical paradise.