kzn orchidKZN Orchid Show Win 

We love sharing exciting news,  One of Stoneage’s Orchids Won some great awards at the KZN orchid Show – It has just been named – Romance Valentine ‘Taylyn’ AM/SAOC

Awards Received

The Orchid received the following awards;

1) 1st place
2) best phalanopsis on show
3) best orchid on show
4) silver award by the South African Orchid Council

The reason this orchid is considered prize-worthy, is because of the number of flowers on the spray. The overlapping of the petals is also a sign of a top orchid.

Tips from the owner

The owner of the orchid, said she followed the instructions of the orchid experts at Stoneage. She was surprised when it flowered so well this season.

She mentioned that she keeps all orchids on her inclosed verandah.  It  is cool but with plenty of  light. She waters them weekly and sprays their roots with Stoneage’s Guano orchid food once a month. “I was shocked to find out my orchid was good enough to enter the KZN Orchid show.” “All I did was follow the instructions I was given at Stoneage.” says the owner.

We Congratulate her and the Stoneage orchid team for the win. They are always happy to provide advise on how to care for your orchids. And in this case, help you grow them into superstar plants!

Are you interested in Stoneage Orchids?

Would you like to know more about KZN orchids for sale at Stoneage Home Centre? Read more about Stoneage Home Centres rare orchids for sale. We are always happy to help with orchid advice, on how to grow a prize-winning orchid. So come in and see us for expert orchid advice.

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South African Orchid Council 

Our Orchids often win SAOC awards.  You can read more about our latest prizewinning orchid here. We expect many more of our orchids to win prizes in the future. If you would like to join SAOC please follow the links.


Find us with the hashtag # Buy Orchids durban